Sami Pageaux-Waro, the percussionist and versatile singer who created the Lo Griyo project, became familiar with the international music scene at a young age, thanks to his father, Danyel Waro.

A self-taught musician, instrument collector and fan of organology, his musical conception can be clearly heard through his many collaborations on stage and disc (Danyel Waro, Ibrahim Maalouf, Ballaké Cissoko, Vincent Ségal, Loy Elrich, Louis Winsberg, Olivier Ker Ourio, Rose-Mary Stanley, Emilie Loiseau, and more), and his works for the theatre, dance, circus and ‘cinema with music’.

His approach to music is based on sounds and atmospheres, at times acoustic using his many instruments (kora, percussion, sanza and voice), but also electronic using loops and effects pedals.

The trance plays an important role for him – a universal trance with a common musical root involving repetition and evolution using loops and analogue effects.

Today, Sami is also artist in residence at the Kabardock (the contemporary music venue in Le Port in Reunion Island).