Luc Joly

Jazz - Musiques traditionnelles - Electro

Lo Griyo

Jazz - Musiques traditionnelles - Electro


Lo Griyo is the name given to a creative and musical energy from Reunion Island. The Lo Griyo project features multi-faceted contemporary music in an opportune meeting of tradition and modernism.

A captivating blend of new energy infused with the musical traditions of Maloya, Gnawa and Salegy, and spirit brought during the passion of performance, Lo Griyo is also steeped in the creativity and freedom offered by its jazz and electro influences.

These aspects – tradition, jazz and electronic music – are the essence of a three dimensional artistic universe to which Sami Pageaux-Waro, Luc Joly and Brice Nauroy add their musical notes while tracing their own path.

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